Dischidia pectenoides


A Dischidia pectenoides in a 14cm hanging pot with a trailing length of approximately 30cm.

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Genus Information

Dischidia is a genus of epiphytes which are plants that grow on top of other larger plants and take their water and nutrients from the air, rain and any debris on the host plant and they are found throughout tropical regions of India and China. Sometimes known as the Ant Plant as they often are home to colonies of ants in their native region.

Care Requirements – Easy

Light requirements

Dischidia pectenoides prefers a nice shaded area.

Watering requirements

The Ant Plant is extremely tolerant of drought, so water rarely allowing the water to drain out of the pot before placing the plant back in it’s permanent home.

Humidity requirements

Dischidia pectenoides likes high humidity so is perfect for a kitchen or bathroom. If in a place with lower humidity regular misting will make it much happier.


Can reach lengths of up to 1m


Originally native to Asia.


Dischidia pectinoides can produce small red flowers any time of the year and will do so whenever it is happiest.


Produces large circular leaves that cascade downwards. It is sometimes referred to as the Shingle Plant due to its foliage.

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